Power Of Presentation. [part-3]

How to answer a question?

Assume someone has asked you a question and you have to answer it instantly. How would be your approach to answer that question? You can follow a tricks to answer the question.

The trick I am going to talk about is called “AREA” method. Let me explain it to you. What does that “AREA” mean?

A = Answer [ to the point only ]

R = Reason [ reason behind your answer ]

E = Example

A = Additional Info

Okay , Now I will explain the method with an example.

Question: Do you like swimming?

Answer: Yes, I do

Reason: It is a good exercise for our body.

Example: It makes our muscles strong [ Actually I don’t no whether it does or not ha ha ]

Additional Info: Swimming also refreshes our mind.

Note: It is not compulsory to mention all those 4 point in your answer, but it is better if you can include all of them.


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