Power Of Presentation. [part-2]

Voice in Presentation

In the previous post I have talked about “Body Language” in a presentation or in a public speaking. If you missed it, read it from here Body Language in Presentation

Today we will talk about “voice in presentation“. Every human being has their own unique voice or sound. It can’t be changed or modified. But voice in a presentation does not mean your voice should be so sweet like a cute girl or someone else.

You should keep in mind the following tips about your voice in a presentation.

  • Make your voice clear to your audience. Keep a bottle of water with you. Don’t make your voice so dry and harsh. Drink some water before starting your speech.
  • Speak loudly but don’t shout. you should keep your loudness according to the number of audiences and the distance of audience from you. But never make a shout to your audience.
  • Speak fluently but don’t speak quickly. Fluently means speaking without any hesitation or any unexpected filler based on your age limit.
  • Use the common words in your speech so that the common mass or every audience can understand what you are talking about.


So , these are a few tips about voice for your presentation or public speaking. Keep those in mind and get connected with people with an amazing speech or presentation.



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