Power Of Presentation. [part-1]

Body Language in Presentation

In the previous post I have talked about first impression in a presentation or in a public speaking. If you missed it, read it from here Power Of Presentation? [part-0]

Today I will talk about another important factor to make a powerful presentation. Lets get started..

Body Language: Before talking about body language let me clarify one point. Sometimes when I talk about body language , many of my audiences complain that I am not so handsome or beautiful. Can I be a successful public speaker. Yes , of course you can. Because, body language is not related to your beauty. Its all about three key elements while making a presentation-

  1. Gesture
  2. Movement
  3. Eye contact

Lets get a brief on those three key element of body language.

  • Gesture: Gesture is defined in the way as – a movement of part of the body, especially a hand or the head, to express an idea or meaning.  So be careful about the movement of your hand , head during your presentation. Don’t move your hands unnecessarily up and down. Keep your hands open always and don’t point anyone by showing a single finger, rather expand the whole hand and bend yourself down towards the person you want to point or ask a question.
  • Movement: Don’t get this movement confused with gesture. This is about how you should move yourself before the audience while talking. You must not stand in a position for the whole time of your presentation. You must keep moving so that the eye balls of your audience get a movement and they don’t sleep. LOL.  But don’t move so speedy that the audience get disappointed at your walking or get a severe neck pain – ha ha ha !!!
  • Eye contact: Some speaker look at the slides for all the time or look at their feets. The audience get disappointed at that. You should make eye contact with your audiences. It make them conscious about your speech. But for making an eye contact don’t stare at anyone. You know what I mean, don’t look at someone for a long time. He or she will get shy or disappointed.

Remember one thing- Your audiences make you a successful speaker. So , don’t make them hopeless or disappointed.

That all for today. In the next part we will talk about “Voice” another major element of a successful presentation. Till then have a sound life.




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