Power Of Presentation. [part-0]

First Impression in a Presentation

Presentation huh? Okay lets first start with the definition of presentation. I have asked many people about what they think a presentation is? Most of them answered that “a presentation is to make a slide and present it before the audience” Is it so? Not at all. So actually what a presentation is?

A presentation is a communication between the speaker and the audience

So, if you speak in such a way that the audience get bored or don’t get your ideas , then it is not a communication. Before doing a presentation you should be careful about some issues may be 6 or 7 in total. Lets discuss those issues one by one.

  1. First Impression:  As a speaker your audience will remember you only for the words that touch their hearts and usually the audience remember the things that is conveyed at the very beginning or at the ending of a presentation. So keep the following points in your mind to start your presentation with a good impression-
  • Be smiley and easy to your audience.
  • Make a unique start , may be you can start with a story or asking a question to your audience. So they will get engaged what you are talking about.
  • Tell the topic name clearly and don’t look at your slide at least while telling the topic name. If you do so, it means you are not at all concerned of your topic yourself.
  • Say the objectives of the content you are talking about. Better mention the problems that would be solved through the discussion, audiences will get more engaged.


That’s all for today. In the next part we will see how our “body language” should be in a presentation.



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