Power Of Presentation. [part-3]

How to answer a question?

Assume someone has asked you a question and you have to answer it instantly. How would be your approach to answer that question? You can follow a tricks to answer the question.

The trick I am going to talk about is called “AREA” method. Let me explain it to you. What does that “AREA” mean?

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Power Of Presentation. [part-2]


Voice in Presentation

In the previous post I have talked about “Body Language” in a presentation or in a public speaking. If you missed it, read it from here Body Language in Presentation

Today we will talk about “voice in presentation“. Every human being has their own unique voice or sound. It can’t be changed or modified. But voice in a presentation does not mean your voice should be so sweet like a cute girl or someone else. Continue reading

Power Of Presentation. [part-0]


First Impression in a Presentation

Presentation huh? Okay lets first start with the definition of presentation. I have asked many people about what they think a presentation is? Most of them answered that “a presentation is to make a slide and present it before the audience” Is it so? Not at all. So actually what a presentation is?

A presentation is a communication between the speaker and the audience

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